Employee Retention Credits
 Federal Tax Credit Available to Any Industry –
Employee Retention Tax Credit – Up to 26,000 per employee
Overview –
  • Incentivizes retaining employee headcount during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Any size employer can qualify, even those started in 2020 or 2021
  • More than one way to qualify – drop in revenue or operations disruption due to government orders
  • Worth up to $5,000 per employee in 2020 and up to $21,000 per employee in 2021
  • Refundable credit against payroll taxes on amended Form 941-X
  • Can be taken retroactively up to three years after original 941 was filed
  • Interplay with other incentives, such as PPP loans and R&D credit

Phase 1 – Pre-Qualification / Estimate

  • Calculate credit estimate using payroll reports, PPP loan documentation and any other applicable records available for qualified quarters
  • No fee for this phase

Phase 2 – Detailed Review and Preparation of Report

  • Warner Robinson will calculate the final credit amount per quarter using all necessary components and prepare Forms 941-X – everything required to file and claim the tax credits. We also include full audit support if needed at no additional charge.
  • Warner Robinson prepares a qualification and methodology report detailing the qualification analysis and credit calculation by quarter.

Why Warner Robinson?

  • We are extremely knowledgeable about the ERTC and keep up-to-date with the complex and evolving guidance from the IRS and Congress
  • We have helped many of our clients claim millions of Employee Retention Tax Credits
  • Warner Robinson is very experienced in handling IRS audits and our team includes a former IRS attorney
  • Our principles have nearly 30 years of specialized tax consulting experience including R&D credits, cost segregation, energy credits and more
  • Our team develops a unique approach to each of our client fact patterns to maximize credits in each quarter
  • We will work with your payroll company and CPA firm to quickly claim any available credits are claimed as quickly as possible

What Components go into the Calculation?


  • Payroll reports by employee, by pay period
  • Employer and employee portions of healthcare premiums
  • Forgiven PPP loan and supporting work papers
  • Wages used for certain other credits (if any), such as:

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