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Bruce and Cedar have been involved with IRS and state audits on R&D tax credits (on both sides of the table) for over 25 years, and we have provided audit assistance to help clients navigate through the exam process even where we didn’t do the original study. Finding the right corporate tax consultants to help your company sustain your R&D benefits is more important than ever with increased IRS focus, and the choice of a service provider should depend not only on who can do the study, but more importantly, who can represent you in defending and sustaining the results of an R&D study. New teams and procedures formed by the IRS in 2020 means a new environment for handling R&D issues within the IRS.

Our Sec. 45L Energy Tax Credit experts use IRS approved software to do the study and software modeling as well as IRS approved equipment and sampling methods in conducting our energy tax credit studies and as always we fully stand behind our studies and will represent you in the event of IRS questions or information requests. 

Our Tax Audit Expertise

Prior to the latest IRS focus groups, the IRS had a Research Credit ISP program for many years to administer the R&D credit and assist IRS agents across the country with R&D issues; Bruce Warner was a tax attorney on the IRS team as co-counsel to the Research Credit ISP in the 1990s and has seen the issues from the ‘other side of the table’ and understands the processes, procedures and even pressures that agents face in trying to review and resolve R&D credit issues. Bruce authored several IRS issue papers that are still in use by the IRS including procedures around the use of statistical sampling in R&D cases as a means of more efficiently resolving large R&D exams. Similarly, Cedar Robinson has over 25 years of experience in helping clients with R&D audits of all sizes. Cedar’s experience includes over 100 IRS audits, plus many IRS appeals and litigation support projects. Cedar has spoken on R&D credit matters and recently worked with the IRS National Appeals office to review and coordinate a response to their R&D credit position paper. Both Cedar and Bruce have also worked on numerous state audits which (depending on the state) can be even more involved than a federal audit.

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