In June 2020, a House bill was introduced referred to as the Moving Forward Act which would extend the Section 45L Energy Tax Credit for energy efficient homes through 2025. The bill would also increase the energy tax credit to $2,500 per unit/home and update the criteria to use the 2018 IECC energy standards (requiring the builder to exceed those standards by 15% vs. 50%). During the 2020 presidential election, President-Elect Biden mentioned constructing energy efficient homes during several speeches and debates and the Moving Forward Act was introduced by a Democratic committee. No movement yet on that bill but it is tied to a larger infrastructure bill so it likely will be picked up after January so we’re hopeful that during the first half of 2021, the 45L energy tax credit for energy efficient homes will be extended as typically it has bipartisan support from both parties. The bill also extends other energy incentives discussed by the President-Elect so we will continue to monitor this bill or an alternative version of an infrastructure bill if introduced (likely not until after the presidential transition). A summary of the Moving Forward Act can be found below.