In the first week of July 2020, The House of Representatives continued to advance the Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2) – the $1.5 trillion infrastructure proposal led by House Democrats. New programs created by H.R. 2 include a major extension and expansion of the Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit under Section 45L. This bill would extend the 45L energy tax credit through 2025 (currently 45L credits expire as of 12/31/20). The bill also proposes to increase the 45L tax credit from $2,000 per unit/home to $2,500 per unit which would provide developers with additional energy credits going forward per year. The bill also updates the energy standards which is currently referencing back to the 2006 IECC code, to utilizing the 2018 IECC energy code. The standard however would be exceeding this code by 15% (vs. the current 50% of 2006 IECC). Likely many builders/developers would still meet this new standard and qualify for the 45L credits. Many states/counties have energy efficient provisions already in their building codes which likely would meet the 15% of 2018 standards.

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